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"Ricardo Bloch redefines the notion of interior photography
by creating specially commissioned books that focus
on the beauty within the stark reality of our living environments."

Maison Francaise
"Ricardo Bloch takes a visual promenade through homes,
from the basement to the attic, capturing their soul
and telling their story."

Elle Decoration
"Personal Paparazzo ! A beautiful gift for the pleasure of it,
as a souvenir, or for nostalgia's sake..."

Marie Claire Maison
"There is nothing more difficult, in fact, than to render
the unique charm of one's own house in photographs...
This beautiful bound object can also be a lovely gift idea."
My LIttle Paris.com
"In a few weeks, Ricardo Bloch makes a portrait of every
corner of your home, and gathers it into a book worthy
of amy coffee table."